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Tbh; so done with tbhs. Haha but I find you very attractive, especially like that flannel you have. You're a really good texter, but super saasssyyy. You're the only person I've ever honestly liked ahaaaaa. We don't really talk in person tho

Thanks :) and well maybe we should change that.
Liked by: Zara Johnson

Tbh you got me liking Cope. You aren't to shabby at baseball. Your 2 uncles are fricken awesome! When you and your friends get together to party you guys go way to hard! You and Tyler were hilarious last year bugging Trask and ya have a good heart.

Cope is great and no such thing as partying to hard hahaha
Liked by: asv Bailey Coultis

Tbh we talk here and there ahaha mainly about dips haha. Ur a pree rowdy guy. Need to talk more and rip a fat dip one day been years!

Yeah we do


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