Ask @Breaker123456:

im afraid, i was depressed and im getting better but i feel like im going back to the bad feelings and thoughts i've been trough

Listen Keep your self busy and try new things and Stay away from the Triggers
Like sad songs etc uss her insaan aur cheez say dor rahoo jo trigger kerta ha apkay negative thoughts ko
Do some Advantures
And all those things which are postive and Keep Reciting Quran
Thats a good Sign that you are getting better
Life is a gift of Allah dont let negativity consume you
Achive your goals
Your dream
Belive in yourself
Keep moving forward 😊 i hope this help

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Faiq, you're wrong. We have these pain receptors and tolerance. However, if you're mentally unstable you can feel immensely. So wo sense banti hi nai kisko zyada pain, everyone has a different perception of pain.

Okay I respect your point of view its not wrong its the other way to see things
A different perspective
The end point is "Saber" and "Having a strong Sense of Faith"
In the Almighty and never lose Hope 😊

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And talk to you after that wala dialogue bhi zara off, considering I visit patients often. :b I think you need to change your mindset. 🤷‍♀️

Uruj yeh dialogue nahi tha i am not flimy type belive me. Khair You are very Kind of you if you vist them. The person who is suffering from depression and a Person who has nothing to eat and begging on the streets.. Between these 2 Who you think is In more pain... Ya aik banda jis ko Jism ma Kiray ho jayien woh zayada Takleef ma ha ya Woh banda Jis kay pass kuch khanay kay liye nahi ha??
Jo log Suicidel hotay hien aur Life ki qader nahhi kertay MUjhay pata ha woh yah soochtay hien cuz i have been in depression once too so the solution from them is to Look to the people who are below them in regards of Health And other blessings of Allah

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Not really. You can't understand unless you've been in someone's shoes. 😏 Even then , its hard to make someone happy.

But no matter what type of difficulty and Problems you are facing in your life
If you are Thankful for the blessings of Allah and have Patience and Strong faith in His Might
You will always find a way
"And With every difficulty there is Ease"
And If you still think that your life is difficult
10 days roz Apnay kareebi Hospital kay Emergency ward kay waiting area ma guzaroo
And talk to me after that 😊

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Yes we’re in relationship..

So its simple you have a choice to make ya tu let go of him and end the relationship or other is startover
Unn baatoon ko na kiya keroo jin say apko pata ha kay fight honay la chance ha aur ager kerni bhi ho tu
Timing ka khayal rakhoo
Kon si baat kab kerni ha and usski jagha khud ko rakh ker dhakoo kay woh kis point of view say baat ker raha aur aget tab bhi you think kay woh apkay payar nahi kerta tu you have to leave him
Cuz ager woh attraction thi tu end ho chuki ha aur forcefully relationship ma rahna is Stupidity

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