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Why do you quit football at Bryant?

I was having shoulder problems and my heart wasn't with the team like it should. It's hard for a lot of people to understand but it's hard leaving a team that you grew older with physically, mentally, and even spiritually (Bentonville), and then feeling that with a team you just learned to know. I Love the guys on the Bryant team but it just wasn't the same and I'm already scheduled to have surgery for my shoulder.
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coolest person you've met in Bryant?

Idk, if I could put just one person out there so in gonna go with Wes, Vail, Tip, Ced, Nick, Brandon, and Chap. Caleb Strain and CJ are pretty chill but I have only talked with them a little
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Do you befriend anyone? Or are you certain type of people person?

I don't "befriend" people. If they do things I don't like I just don't hang around them as often. I think I'm a pretty big people person!


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