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What is something you really want to do on 2K17?

Depending if it's good; With Delivine: Probably do something with BDG. Not full time, of course. I like their younger generation dynamic they have going on. Maybe a sporadic appearance or help book something.
In general: probably work on my ELITE project or do a G1 Climax. Again, depending if 2K17 is any good or if i have the time to devote to it.

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Opinions on Fire Pro Wrestling Returns?

I am not exaggerating one bit when i say it is the best concept of a wrestling game to ever exist and one of the best wrestling games that i do not currently own.
With its creation tools are THAT good, that you can have 500 wrestlers to customize, which we will never have again. Great AI, great gameplay for what it is and, best of all to me, we don't need a yearly release to fix features, everything you could possibly need is in the game.
It is also the most playable wrestling game, so much so that i consider it the bible of wrestling games, you can refer to it at any time, come back to it at anypoint and any year and enjoy it, unlike most of the old WWE titles.
If they ever make a new Fire Pro Wrestling game with updated graphics and gameplay and such, i will spend so much money on it. Now that i've been asked this, i want to somehow get FPW returns and play it forever.

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Can i say that Brent Delivine trained me?

I mean anyone can really, i can't really stop you if you do, not going to threaten you with a lawsuit or anything.
I'd like to pick and choose the people i want to claim Brent's trained though, as i don't want to train people who will just be around for a cup of coffee or don't know how to work a match or a gimmick i wouldn't otherwise want to associate with the Delivine character, as it tells alittle story for Delivine aswell.
As i posted yesterday, i want a small group of what NJPW calls Young Lions, basic attired rookies who have to pay their dues, always lose unless facing one another and watch them develop into their own style and personas, which is the fun of watching the Young Lions. Ideally i do want a bubbly character that breaks this image and doesn't take wrestling seriously at all to have comedic value similar to that of the Delivine and Hana Brightly storyline that was going to happen in TIGR Pro, which is still one of my favorite storylines to write for despite it never happening.
To make a long story short, you can if you want as i can't do anything to say otherwise, but i'll otherwise ignore it unless you ask and i give the thumbs up.

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Who in wrestling do you compare to Delivine?

Probably Chris Jericho.
Former World Champion, no where near the title picture now, does feuds away from the belt, has afew comedic moments, kind of faded star power after time away but can still work a good match (bias opinion of course).
Although Brent is no where near Jericho's age, he's very much into the Lion Heart Jericho / Attitude Era Jericho stage.

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Ever been to a wrestling event(s)? If so, how was it/favorite event. If not, do you want to?

Khaos_Among_Us’s Profile PhotoKevin?
I went to a Australian Summerslam tour for WWE in 2006 and a SmackDown tour in 2010. Went to afew wrestling events for Australian independent promotions like IWA, AWF and Rock and Roll Wrestling but those genuinely suck.
I would like to visit the UK to see their wrestling scene from the crowd such as PROGRESS and ICW.

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Why are you not on more shows? You're a real main event player.

First and foremost, thank you for the compliment. It is appreciated.
Secondly, i am not in more CAW shows for a few reasons:
A) I don't have the motivation or time to be on many CAW shows.
B) I feel the more i put Delivine in shows, it'd become boring to see him. Saturating the character, if you will.
C) I don't like how some leagues do their shows, either its booking or some of the talent or the self pushing of the owners or something.
Overall i like to be exclusive to 1 or 2 projects and show up on the rare one-off every now and again. I am doing quite a few one off at the moment to make up being completely absent through 2015.

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