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(General question) Why do people push you away then ask you why you've changed ???? Like do you not see your actions ??!

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How about you show me? Let me tell you something about me. Im a introvert lol.

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Why do you fuck girls instead of going to work

Aye should i ask her or should i not o.0 i wonder if she likes watching movies lol

I know you like the back of my hand. You need to step up your game. Idk how many times I have to tell you.

Nah, i dont need to lower my standards

Why does my x try to make me jealous by getting STDs and fucking women with no futures? It’s a classic tale, I’ve seen it so many times. Maybe there needs to be a book or movie about it so a newer generation will stop boring their exs too. Lol.

I think he is making you jealous since your throwing a fit about it

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Did it hurt more when you found out the truth or did it make it feel some what better? D

Of course it hurt first cause my expectations was high

A job is like a boyfriend. They all want you. So keep looking

Thats such a bad interpretation of a job lol. Its more than they just want you. If they metaphorically saying it as a job that means they putting the time and effort #homeless romantic till you fire them or they quit if they dont see the future with u

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Is it hard to love someone who doesn’t need you?

How does that even happen? Relationship isnt there at all when thats finalized lol


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