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Porqué motivo, razón o circunstancia un hombre miente sobre su estado civil?? No termino de entenderlo!!!

AmaliaLuna16’s Profile PhotoMercedes Dominguez
Look into machismo. Somewhat conservative communities, such as those commonly found in Latin America, will inculcate this concept into boys from a very young age. As a result, the men they end up growing into will feel the need to maintain an image of someone capable and independent. The romantic scene is no exception—these men would rather come off as someone experienced than someone who isn't.
It's nothing new; people lie to hide their insecurities.

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Nice. Your drawing is looking a lot cleaner than it did before. Why don't you upload to pixiv anymore?

My main issue with updating consistently is that I end up being terribly self-conscious over stuff like exposure, as dumb as it is. pixiv's upload format doesn't help much as I feel like I have to have something that would warrant an upload even when that's clearly not the case. Just having to go through a process of titling and tagging makes me all antsy. I feel more comfortable with Twitter on this aspect.
I suppose I could try updating some time, though...

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I honestly don't know anything about you, but your drawings are really, really nice. I don't know what all to ask, but how are you doing and mind telling me a bit about Unlimited Seiba Works?

Thanks! I'm doing quite alright.
I basically have a lot of ideas involving Saber I'd like to make, but I have other projects to work on, namely commissions. Since it's my only source of income at the moment, it's not something I can simply shrug off...
To answer your final question, drawing Saber is very satisfying and enjoyable, so I hope to make more content of her if possible. Aside from simply drawing her being cool, cute, and pretty (like she's supposed to be), one idea I've had in mind is drawing out key moments of her past loosely based on what's been established in the Fate series as well as in old Arthurian tales. After all, going through a Heroic Spirit's backstory in Fate is vastly different when you already have a good grasp on the original legends, so illustrating that for others to learn would make for an equally interesting and endearing experience. And, boy, there is a lot to do given just how many tales there are on the Round Table. One could go on forever!

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what do I draw when I don't know what to draw? I mean like, I want to be good at drawing characters, which is way too broad for me I don't actually know what to do and where to start whenever I try to use a reference to draw a head for example I end up just giving up after 10 strokes killmenow thnx

do I have to fill this in
If your main concern is process, consult a tutorial, art book, and/or video. There's countless resources out there, so there'll be help regardless of what you're struggling with. You can always count on someone to have made a guide to give you a good start.
If your problem is with determining subject matter, just relax and go with anything. If you just feel like drawing a bunch of basic shapes, then go ahead! A day spent drawing is better than one spent doing nothing, even if what you end up with isn't satisfactory.

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