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My girlfriend cheated on me, what do I do?

Leave her. If you don't want to leave her, then forgive her and stop dwelling on it. How old are you and how long have you been together? If you're young and you've only been with her a couple of months, then try to see it as a basic mistake a LOT of young people make, not taking a relationship very seriously in the beginning or not being sure what they want. Maybe also try to see it as a learning experience, for you and for her. Both men and women like positive attention - being told they look good, having someone admire them and make them feel good about themselves - and some people need it more than others. Maybe she's not getting enough of it from you, so she sought it elsewhere. Try being more emotionally fulfilling. And try to remember, at least she was honest with you.

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How long after a break up is it acceptable to start dating someone new?

There really isn't a law or a standard of etiquette on this. The answer is something like this: If you are over your ex and are truly open and eager for a new relationship, you are ready to date. If you haven't healed from the last breakup and are jumping into something on the rebound, as revenge, or just because you want to feel worthy of love, you are NOT ready to date and should take time to deal with the breakup and get your self-esteem back before potentially hurting a guy because you aren't ready.

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Briana you such a good mom how does it feel to be a single mom?`how you can be so strong? i have so much respect for you.

Thank you so much darling your words mean a lot to me! 💖 I'll be honest it's not always easy to be a single mother but I have my family and they are wonderful they support me. Also Louis helps a lot too, whenever he has the chance to do it. I know a lot of people think, that he ain't a good Dad and doesn't spend much time with Freddie...but this is really not true, he spends as much time as possible with Freddie, he loves him very much and he is a good Dad. When it comes to Freddie, we both would do everything for him!!❣️ How can i be so strong well that's an easy question, Freddie gives me the strength to keep going and not to give up , everything i do is for him, i love my little boy so much he is my everything!!💕

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How can i find the right guy? i just want to find the right guy that won't cheat on me...

That a question that plagues millions of girls and women. They seek the guy who will be 100% faithful to them and is strong enough to resist any temptation or seduction from other women.
There are guys out there who are strong, have integrity, and maintain their honor by doing what's right. The problem is to actually locate them - and find someone who will also find you attractive.
Be patient and be observant of your surroundings. Whenever you see or meet a guy, take these into consideration: Is he a guy who can be trusted? Is he honest, faithful, and caring? Does he have the potential to be that special someone in your life? You must look before you leap.
Some people can be shallow and can easily be seduced simply through physical attractions. Of course, how people look may influence your opinion on someone, but these people are guided only by this single attribute and look for the other characteristics later on.
Others seek to see who the other person really is. They seek people who are sensitive, caring, supportive, understanding, and patient. As long as you display these characteristics, as well as compassion, warm smiles, and a welcoming heart, people will see you positively. This is important because the guy will need to see you for who you really are in addition to you being attracted to them.
Just be patient. It's a test of your endurance. Be strong and respect yourself. Don't easily fall for guys, but try to be open-minded. Light a warm fire in your heart so that the guy can see it as a welcoming sign.

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I want to give up my life. What should I do?

Hey Sweetheart, don’t give up and never even think of giving up!. Firstly, your life is not only your life. Many others are dependent on you and love you especially your family. Think of them before taking any such stupid decision. I don’t know the problems you are facing, but believe me when i say no one’s life is without problems!. what matters most is how you deal with it. See problems come and go in life, but life has to go on. What you are feeling is temporary. It will pass. Also what you are suffering is temporary, the situation will change. But your decision what to do about your situation, that is permanent. You will make this same decision in all similar situations!. Life is a continuous series of endless decisions stacked one after another. Giving up now, is stopping you from ever materializing possibilities which could happen in your life. It’s fight or flight response. Fight now and stand tall. You could succeed and be happy or fail but you won’t have any regret. Either way it’s win win. That’s why I think you shouldn't give up, no matter what!!!. Please think about it! All the Love xxx

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