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I want to fall in love again , any suggestions ?

Fall in love with yourself. It's a lot more rewarding than trying to fall for someone else and later being disappointed with how things turn out.
Fall in love with nature, art or music.
If you're attracted to someone, it'll happen automatically, you don't have to 'try'. Give it some time and don't focus all your energy on that.

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Truth or happiness? Which is more important? 🌺

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Depends. Sometimes you have to hold back the truth because it's too harsh for the other person to bear. And you prioritise their happiness which comes from being oblivious to the bitter truth.
(In situations where knowing the truth is only going to hurt their ego and not bring any changes to the current state.)
Other times it's more important to let them know the truth because the 'happiness' they were experiencing was going to be short-lived.

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need to ask you. How do you envision the perfect romantic date?

From all the movies I've watched, I think dinner dates seem quite appealing.
And a walk in the park or by the seaside.
Maybe a fireworks display ( cause it's literally in every romantic anime movie).
Somewhere peaceful and relaxing so that we can talk, get to know each other and enjoy each other's company. Nothing too fancy or extravagant.

Do you like to spend your free time alone or in company?

I often wish I could spend more time in company with different people/ a group of friends but when I actually do, it's exhausting.
I end up spending a lot of time alone, amd sometimes it's a bit lonely but I prefer the alone time.

Would you rather be eaten alive by wolves or eat another human alive?

I'm getting Tokyo Ghoul vibes from the second part of your question.
No, I don't want to be eaten alive by any predatory animals and I am not a cannibal, so can't pick either.
Watching wolves eat another human alive is traumatizing too.
Why so much gore though?

Hey!!! A friend must know all the secrets or only some selective?

Not necessarily all your secrets. Only those you feel comfortable sharing and those which said friend can understand.
Different friends may know different secrets about you and those are based on shared experiences, common views and situations which you both can relate to.

When do you realize it’s time to let go

When I realise that all the time and energy I've been spending on it isn't going to change how things are.
Once you've reached a point of mental exhaustion, you decide that it isn't worth holding on to it any more and that moving on is clearly the best option.

Humans have a fragile life... Does that make them weak and worthless?

Uuuuugh. Why do I have so much to say that sounds motivational but isn't the mindset I keep in my own life!!
No, I don't think humans are weak or worthless simply because they may or may not live to see another day. Everything they say and do during their lives has an impact on everyone and everything around them. If they can bring some form of happiness, hope, love into somebody else's life, how is that worthless?
Consider the countless people who have fought against injustice, fought for their rights and for the sake of their fellow beings and have lost their lives during the fight. But their memory lives on and it motivates others, their sacrifice helped take a step closer to aachieving a goal.
Even a 'nobody' is a special 'somebody' to someone on this earth, and their existence is appreciated. Atleast that's what we should strive for in our 'insignificant' lives.

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Why do I attract crazy women? Am I crazy?

Why do I attract people I'm not interested in or evenly remotely attracted to, but the people I really like end up being uninterested in me? Am I stuck in a cycle of unrequited love?

Are Platonic Relationships Or Romantic Relationships More Important To You?

Platonic relationships.
Majority of our relationships with other people are platonic and they seem to contribute more to our happiness and wellbeing than a romantic relationship does.

Spoilers everywhere 🙄

Tell me about it. 😓😒
I appreciate posts which have *spoiler ahead* warnings.
I wish more people would be considerate enough to do the same.

What can make you fall in love with someone?

Their confidence, kindness and manner of communication, as well as their capability to handle different situations.
Their beliefs and principles and how they apply it in their daily lives.
I feel this is what attracts me to people and based on this I build my relations with them.

Best part about having siblings? 😂

If you've got younger siblings, its equivalent to having a personal butler. 😈
You get to order them around and they'll do whatever you ask of them -
Grab me a snack
Bring me a glass of water / a drink
Can you find my charger?
Yep, you can just lay back and have whatever handed to you.

If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do?

I'd probably sneak into theaters, amusement parks and arcades. Also grab some free food.
I could hang around people I like, perhaps meet celebs, and see how they are when they're by themselves.... but that just sounds creepy.
I'm not so sure about getting on an airplane and taking a free trip across the world tho, cause if can't get back within a day, I'd turn back to normal and be stranded.


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