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Haven't ask ya a question in a long time so how you liking volleyball intermerals oh yeah and nice serves

I like it( but I'm not good at it). And thank you :*

Hey guys this is her bestfriend If u don't have anything nice day don't say ok she made this account so she would have fun questions not get criticized


Hey brianna its amanda! What's up?!

Hey girl! Sorry I just saw this question this morning but nothing really! :)

Wow some people :/ don't hate ur just jelous of Brianna cause she's absolutely GORG so come on guys ur not cool bringing someone down to make yourself feel better... So just STOP thx guys :*

Whoever this is thanks I mean people have no life.. I didn't make this to get criticized

Why are you such a bitch

Thanks , why can't you just ask me regular questions and not depress me.. Thanks

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