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What are you looking for in a guy

Well ya know, a good ole steady heart beat, some fine anatomical features..the usual. Oh and
Enjoys sports a.k.a basketball
Finds me and my friend's humor funny (if you join in on our stupidness you might as well get ready for me to propose)
Believes in God
Nice, but not overly nice
Doesn't flirt with every female out there
Not boring/can can keep convo going
Let's me call them pretty bc sometimes I just feel the urge to tell a male that idek
So yeah ya feel me.

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What you look for in a guy?

Someone who is caring, nice, knows how to keep a conversation going, athletic, not a tool, pretty eyes, doesn't curse every sentence or really at all, somebody that always has my back, plays basketball, someone that understands my humor and doesn't get offended haha, not too tall so i wont need a ladder, talkative with me, has a good taste in music and oh.. Plays basketball.

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