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What advice would you give to children today?

stay young as long as you can & don't rush to date boys there stupid. you have your whole life agead of you. boys are just gonna break your heart. & choose your friends wisely. & do you no matter what & just be happy.

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What do you miss?

oomf , my granny , my long hair , my Chickfila sandwich , my happiness. lol alotttttttttt.
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They me the Corris Morris slayer

omgggg this is jaelyn pines? or however you spell your name. lol noooo I'm jokedddddd.

I seem to have lost my phone number. Can I have yours?

jokeddddd. lol cuteee. what's your name tho & I'll consider giving you mine because I don't give my number to strangers ;)

just wanna be there for you jeez I been seeing you upset at school lately the past couple days!!!!

thanks but I'm fine. I have a wonderful sister there for me. lol thanks thoooooooooo. who is this anyways?


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