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What’s your favorite drink?🥰❤️

Alcoholic: Pinot Noir, Moscow mules, and margaritas:) Non:Coffee and Wild Diet Cherry Pepsi:)
Liked by: ThatGuy

is cereal a soup? a taco is a sandwich?

Cereal is not soup but I think a taco is considered a sandwich, if it contains some cheese lol

Do u ever wash your hair it looked dirty i guess it goes along with the rest of u

Lol, yes?! I don’t wash my hair everyday but I shower everyday, maybe it’s because my roots are so dark right now😂😂

Is it too early to start getting excited for Spooky season ? 🎃🦇👻

princessxbunnii_’s Profile PhotoBb Bunni
Not at all Bunni!!! I may have just window shopped for new fall scents at Bath and Body Works:)

What would you say is your biggest turn off?

LucienMoricar’s Profile PhotoLucienMoricar
Biggest turn off in general or gender? Either way, I'll just go ahead and say it- BAD HYGIENE!!!! Even if you don't wash your hair everyday, please make a conscious effort to shower, brush your teeth, flush the toilet, trim your nails, and most importantly, DEODORANT! Oh, and wash your bits and bobs. 😬🙄


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