Ask @BryMata:

Some advice for those who wanna be better?

Use negativity for your own benefit.. meaning if someone pissed you off.. use that energy towards work. Release it towards something that you want, like boxing, painting, song writing, dancing, singing, running, weight lifting, work place, anything at all that can use that energy for your own benefit. Nd picture the love of your life motivating you.

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Why is it so hard for ppl to apologize?

They don't wanna admit that they were wrong and they see that as being weak, or bowing down to someone or being a lil bitch.. when really they're being weak by not being honest with themselves nd others. Or they think the world revolves around them so they become blind to wrong things they do. Or they believe that they have done enough or gone thru enough hurt to not apologize. Because of what had happened to them in past like rape, being abused, verbally, mentally, physically and emotionally. It's so much to understand that sometimes you just gotta help them even when they don't it but sometimes you got to. Thats love and I was going thru that with a friend but she still hates me but I ain't giving up tho so I'm still trying to give her time and be there whenever she needs it. So yeah. I mean I'm not perfect either so I still need her help on some things too. So..

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With a serious answer, What is happiness for you in the future? How would u be happy in life?

Being stable in life, living far away from everyone, having my house surrounded by tall dark green trees like it just rained, living by a waterfall or have one in my back yard, having my house gated for security, I love rain so somewhere where it rains, travel, with who ever Im with or alone (doesn't matter to me 🙂), happy, at peace, enjoy nature, nd feeling the wind blowing. Nothing crazy just simple.. just enjoy being gay. :) 🏳️‍🌈, Nd maybe one day enjoy staring at the stars nd moon in my room like if they ever create a home where by a press of a button your roof opens up with a giant glass window with it so you watch the night as fall asleep.

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