Ask @BryanTieu:

Where does babies come from?

Sometimes daddy and mommy will play around when you're not there. When they want a baby, daddy will stick his pee-pee in mommy's mouth or in mommy's poo-poo hole. Hee hee, mommy and daddy think this is a lot of fun for some reason. Since mommy and daddy don't get fun toys that's the best thing they can think of doing to play. Gross. They will probably get very mad if you ask them. They like to keep this weird behavior secret, but that's how babies get started. Anyway, after daddy sticks his pee-pee in places he shouldn't, the many homunculus will travel all around inside mommy. If one of them makes it to mommy's tummy then the homunculus will be able to stay and eat the yummy food in mommy's tummy. Usually none make it there, which is why you don't have a new baby every day. Other times two or more will make it, and then you have twins.


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