Sup dude love ur stream. I'm currentry playing on AR 8-9 maps on osu! and i need some tips to go higher. Can u help me? =D

Hmmph.. About going higher is a kinda weird thing to do. Usually the easiest way would just be to play it and get used to it. But as you play higher AR, you are also going to get worse at lower.
Tip wise, i would sad. Play either hardrock, or maybe give DT + AR 8 at swing and see what you feel.. Personally i learned it through just spamming all the weird ar 10 maps that are out there.
https://osu.ppy.sh/b/149094 This for an instance. :)
Sorry for the later answer, but nobody ever asks me anything here, so i nearly never look at it.

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Happy Valentine's Day! How are you going to spend it?

I wanted to spend it better, but the time is not really right atm.

Har du selv lavede din user page mayo? og hvis du har plz help

Har ikke lavet alt selv, men en del af det. :)

Congratulations on getting top #100! Best player in Denmark for sure!

Though i am top #100 skill wise i still ain't the best! But believe me! I am happy!
Congratulations on getting top 100 Best player in Denmark for sure

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