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how did you start learning 10.3? As im currently in the process of mashing and spasming my right hand and getting as high as a C on every map. Also is it needed to switch to a higher hz monitor to learn it properly ?

I didnt use a higher HZ screen to learn 10.33. As for learning it, i simply played a lot of DT without actually realizing i was playing 10.33. When i realized, it was too late! IT WAS ALWAYS TOO LATE FRIEND!
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How to learn ar 10.3 while not overwhelming your "tapping" hand ? Is this even possible ?

You can always play slower AR9 + DT songs to lessen the stress on your tapping hand. :)
Use the editor to mod songs you know and feel comfortable with on DT. Then just change them from ar8 to ar9 and you should be playing a map you know well. Just higher AR! :)
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