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Who do you think is the most underrated Osu! player in Denmark? :3 - TraxieChan

Atm. Probably Cerkie since nobody really knows who he is. But he seems to be climbing the ladders quite fast and he seems to be doing well on the maps i tell him to do.

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Why am i so bad? ;w; - TraxieChan

From what i have heard and from some of your scores i have seen, i can't really see why you would think that you are bad. Scores like "Kokou no sousei(Chaos)" or "The creator (Nyaten)" are some quite impressive scores that i probably can't compete with at all! Go Traxie! :3

How quickly have you fallen in and out of love?

Guess i will have to check what time i do and when it stops again to answer this. How hard these random questions can be.. I hate them. :3

Why is your TP score so high compared to the rest of Denmark?!

Because i am an educated farmer. I have also lived on a farm since i was born. I know how to run the farm. I grow vegetables, i milk the cows and walk the sheep. Since i work the most, i am the favorite for Mr.Points. Therefore he has granted me the most points. #Workinghardatthefarmbcuzfukhashtagz.

why did you put your face in an apple

It was made as a cursor but it became something special to me. Now i dream of it every night and i have a big poster above my head when i lay in bed.
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