Say Something ?✌️

تو فیل خان
You know there is always going to be 'something' that's gonna ruin your day or maybe your life. You know when finally everything's going according yo your plan, you have everything sorted..and there is this cliche sunshine smile on your face..And Boom. Next moment everything's a disaster. Your happiness, that smile, your plans..everything just went down the drain in one single moment. That's how life is for some of us. I have always wondered or maybe envied those people who had it easy all through their life, who had people willing to work for their happiness, their goals, everything. And I would just wonder ..Why not me? Why do I get this? This long, tiring, one thousand and one hundred dramas and sacrifices. Why me? Why not she or he? Why do I have to go through this? You know what. It never gets easy. So, you plan to be brave and decide to battle through it. But deep inside you are still hoping for a miracle, hoping that somehow everything's just gonna vanish into thin air. But someday you finally realize that nothings gonna change. Nothing. People are never gonna change. They can't leave the habit of hating or being cruel at once. Habits can't be broken down so fast. Right? I guess humanity is one thing that cannot be passed down or can be inherited.We are born as humans but humanity is something that we develop overtime. And some people just never do that. They like living in their self made, hatred enclosed shell from where they just spend all their life living in vain. All I know that there are millions of people out there feeling the same way i do. All we can do is to become a better person every day.