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What Are The Perks Of Dating You? - ❤😂😂

Faran Manj
Bas Cons hii cons ha
I will text you like thousand times in a day even I don't get a reply back. 🌚
And, I get very excited for every little thing.
Half of our phone conversations would end up in laughters and smiles because I have a very bad habit of turning every little thing into jokes.
I am very lazy but I hate when I don't get things at proper time. I get cranky.
I have a weird habit of ignoring people when I feel low. I might just stop talking to you for days and then call you all of a sudden to apologize.😉 lol
I find movies very boring.
Did I tell you that I get very emotional after drinking? You might just find me crying because of something bad I read in news.Weird, I know.
I just can't finish my meal without stealing something from your plate. And, I can cook too only if I like doing.🌚
I AM awesome, I know it.😂😂😂

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Post some poetry 😊

Azan Butt ✨
A deafening silence,
Followed by a crack of spark.
A streak of light
Passes through this unruly sky.
Enveloped with a thick mist of darkness.
The light seems to be a promising hope,
Amongst this chaos of undefined greatness of society.
A greatness that seems to be a mockery itself.
A mockery, wherein lies a great deal of injustice.
An injustice, carved by the society itself.

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Worst fear ? 😳

There's something very special about loneliness. It helps you to connect with yourself and you get a better understanding of your thoughts. It makes you think of all the things that has gone wrong and about every other possibility that could have occurred. It’s entirely reasonable to feel lonely yet still feel as though you need some time to yourself. Loneliness and I have a special bonding with each other. Unlike people, loneliness doesn't bother me with things. I have learned to find my chaos in the silence.
Yet somewhere along the lines of my attachment to loneliness, I fear of dying alone. In this limited existence of mine, I'd like to find that one person who will relieve me of this insane attachment of mine. No matter how independent we are, at some point of your lives everyone carves for a companion.

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How can you tell that spring is in the air?

Beqaraari si beqaraari hai,
Wasl hai aur firaaq taari hai.
Jo guzaari na ja saki hum se,
hum ne woh zindagi guzaari hai.
Uss se kahiyo ki dil ki galiyon mein,
raat din teri intezaari hai.
Ek mehak samt-e jaan se aayi thi,
main ye samjha teri sawaari hai.
Haadson ka hisaab hai apna,
warna har aan sab ki baari hai.
Bin tumhaare kabhi nahi aayi,
kya meri neend bhi tumhaari hai?
nighaah-baan kya hue ki logon par,
apna saaya bhi ab toh bhari hai.
Khush rahe tu ki zindagi apni,
umar bhar ki ummeed’wari hai.
Aap mein kaise aaun main tujh bin?
saans jo chal rahi hai aari hai.
Hijar ho ya wisaal ho kuchh ho,
hum hain aur uski yaadgaari hai. !!

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Nawaz shareef & Bilawal Bhutto vs Rahul Gandhi & Kejriwal 😂😂😂😂 They say they can change their countries 😂😂😂 What do you think ? 😂😂😂

Tbvh, Kejriwal has actually brought some good changes to the country. For instance, that odd even system. Delhi really needs to work on the pollution thing before it becomes worse.
As far as Rahul Gandhi is concerned, he definitely needs to work on his political skills. ✌✌🐤

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