Ask @Bunni_buns:

Why did you choose that name?

well a long while ago I read this manga called "nosatsu junki" in it he referred to his friend naka-chan as naka-pyon and I thought that shit was cute. so I started using "pyon" in all my usernames. then I sat there was like "shit, need to make an account for chaturbate, "pyon" is too weird, what can I use instead"
now "pyon" is just a noise. like "boing" and bunnies go "pyon pyon" or "boing boing" when they hop so THAT IS WHY my name is Bunni, a complex, weeaboo ass reason. not even because I am overly fond of rabbits or anything. the "buns" part was because I was thinking about how Bunnies have really cute fluffy butts, and I figured it would work well with the fact I have a nice ass.
a manga and I'm a weeb

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I love everything about your show except for the sound quality. I would love to hear your lovely voice much better! Si vous plait, add a higher quality mic to your Amazon wishlist. If you add a Blue Snowball ~$50 I'll buy it for you right away.

Kendall Ani
this is gonna blow your mind my friend
I HAVE a blue snowball.
and wanna hear something even crazier?
if you research a good mic for me that sounds good from all distances, (far away, close, so on) you're welcome to link it here

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Hi Bunni, what is your opinion of regulars who never tip yet they are dark purple/light purple/dark blue which shows they are tipping.

Its pretty much like If you walked into a store carrying tons of bags of merchandise from a different store next door, chatted up the workers for several hours and said "wow I would LOVE to buy from you guys but I have no money :( " left, and kept doing the same shit every day.
dick move tbh
I have a 2 week lenience but after that, nope.
If you want someone's attention while they are working you should pay them for their time.

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If you got into a relationship would you stop camming or would you expect your boyfriend to understand your job?

If someone had a problem with me camming I wouldn't give them the time of day.
I wouldn't quit my job over some guy, that's dumb. even if he had the funds to support the both of us I'd rather be able to support myself.

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Do you have any wristwatches? If not, what michael kors watch would you add to your wishlist?

I used to have one where you could play games on it. can't remember what it was called but I miss it.
None now, but if I dressed 60% fancier (dont really have a reason to) I'd wear the Blakely Pave Gold tone watch

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