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Random thoughts?

Aik baat seekhi hai mai ne apni zindagi mai k ap maaf to kr skty hain lekin. Ap bhool ni skty, aik b raat ni bhool skty jo kisi k liye rou k guzri ho chahye ap ka dil kitna e bara o, chahye ap duniya k behtreen insaan e ku na o, kuj dukh sari zindagi ap k sath rehty hain jo apko bhoolny ni daity, chahye ap mai jitna marzi sabr o. Whenever a memory hits,it ruins your happy moments in a second. It kills you during your laughter's & in a moment you start feeling so empty that it feels sb khtam o gaya phr se, it happens even after years of that heart break :")

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Thoughts 🗯️

Umer Saeed
Dear best friend,
@M_Mubeen i tagged you here because i want you to read this. I'm very lucky to know you and to have you. Thankyou for all your jokes and support. Thank you for being there in times of need and you never get tired listening to all of my bkwas, pagalpan and dramas in life. Thank you for the very sariyal, beautiful and crazy happy moments. I just want you to know that you're so precious to me. Kbi b ye baat na sochna k mai tmhy bhool gai aik tm e to jo mjy itne saalon se brdasht kray :p tmhara to mai pecha tmhari bivi k anay k baad b na choro manhoos :p and don't forget all about me even when you find new Friends. Tm jaise sariyal ko or dost milny b ni :p khair THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, BESSY!!❤️❤️❤️

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