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you can either vote only tory or only green the rest of your life, which do you choose

either way it is futile, if you vote blue you go green

Do you have a crush on anyone now?

Yeah sort of. Apart from all my own issues, it's a complete non starter though for various reasons so I'm not too bothered atm.

I only just got Byrne tofferings is burnt offerings.

And I used to be a Tory so there's Toff. Such a great pun on so many levels.

Would you class yourself as gay or bisexual?

Probably neither. Based on past experience: No. Current situation: I dunno. It's difficult to come to any sort of view when it only seems to be the case The Gays are into me.

What was the last act of kindness you appreciated?

People proofread my things for free. The man at JCP said he was sure I'd find a job soon. Someone said I wrote well and was well informed. My mum bought me coke. The possibilities are endless

Maybe it's your perfect opportunity to get swole while getting paid... Have you tried for a data entry job with the NHS?

I've applied since I was laid off both my jobs a week and a bit ago. Data entry is quite a few of them, and I'm mostly looking for part time rather than full time work because my health is pretty crappy. Most frustrating thing is not having any idea how far my xp and skills (lol) can go.

What kind of job are you looking for at the moment? Have you considered going for something a bit different like working as a labourer on a building site or planting trees or even working on a farm?

The mind is willing, the skinny white boy arms say no.
What kind of job are you looking for at the moment Have you considered going for

Do you know any actual smart people in Durham?

There's plenty of them, including ones I vaguely know on Twitter, but myself and the few people I know aren't really among them.

Byrne baby Byrne! hahaha. Happy Birthday btw Hopefully no-one links that Blink 182 song.

Still acting like I'm in freshman year. Thanks!


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