Ask @CPardoM:

According to you, who are real heroes? ?

mis verdados heroes son
1. dios
2. mi familia
3. cada ser quedido que esta en iste mundo, aun no conocer.
pase lo que les esta pasando y estan seguindo por delante esos tambien son heroes. no tienen un poder como un superhero pero; asi sin son.
sea familia o no todos somos hereos
de differentes tamanos,edades,razas,buen conocido o no buen conocido. su historia.
en los ojos de alguien.

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What’s the most embarrassing thing your have ever done?

Aha there's more than one time, one being in elementary.
What happened was I going to help a teacher get a chair.
So happy me goes to get the chair, I don't know how I did not notice but when I got there to where my teacher was, she started laughing and who knows who else. This was during recess
It had NO LEGS the chair so that explains why it was a bit lighter.
So yep that was embarrassing yet i even laughed because I couldn't believe it .. Haha

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