I'm getting my first professional headshots. Are there any tips I should follow regarding attire and hairstyle? I'm a female. Thanks

Shimere ballou
Do you have a personal mission statement or brand guide? Your headshot should reflect how you want to be perceived. For example, if part of your personal mission involves contributing by being a creative, a traditional suit is likely not the right attire. If you are focused on more conservative environments (e.g. finance, government, consulting), you may want to avoid bright colors and also may want to show less skin (e.g. arms covered, no low-cut tops).
Furthermore, your headshot should be consistent with how you usually plan to show up. People who see your headshot should not be confused when they meet you in real life. Be consistent in your hairstyle and your overall personal style!
How will you be using these headshots? For LinkedIn? For booking speaking engagements? For a personal website? Plan to look like yourself. Makeup and a manicure, hair professionally done, etc. are all fine, but really stay true to what you will look like most consistently.