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How many jobs have you left?

Seventeen. I am old, though 🙂
Some were short-term positions. Some I was transferred from to a different job. Some I left to get a better job. Three I left due to redundancy.

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There is an employer who might hire me . The possibilities are 50/50. But the thing is that he delays a lot to book me an interview. On the other hand I found another employer who wants to hire me immediately. The first employer is better . He would give me more money and more .... What is the best?

I’d take the definite offer first. Then, if the better job actually does become available, you
can still take it if you want.

how do you remove private messages on here? a creepy guy keeps messaging me :(

kittyhanemiya’s Profile Photokitty hanemiya
I don’t know anything about private messages I’m afraid.
I’m sorry you’re being harassed though. 🙁
Keep blocking and reporting him.🤞🏽

I'm bored, ask me funny/interesting/weird questions

ToxicGal’s Profile PhotoOlivia
🛸 If you were abducted by an alien, which of these 12 handsome chaps would you rather it be?
👽 I have might chosen the fuzzy Mr Blobby type character on the bottom row with the deedy boppers, but I bet they make a weird headache-causing buzzing sound
Im bored ask me funnyinterestingweird questions

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How much money will you spend if you cook food at home ....? And you don't order from stores....

I can’t say as I don’t cook and rely on a lot of pre-made stuff.
But if you follow @ BootstrapCook on Twitter, they do exactly these kind of calculations. They’ve also written books about it
How much money will you spend if you cook food at home  And you dont order from

If you had to dye your hair a funky color, what color would you choose?

ToxicGal’s Profile PhotoOlivia
Can’t decide between
Wazdakka Red
Squig Orange
Pink Horror
Flash Gitz Yellow
Nurgling Green
Pallid Wych Flesh
(Colours via Citadel Colour)

Anyone else on here work for the Civil Service (UK)? E.g. in DfT/DWP

Not for many years. I worked for the DHSS (now DWP) in the late 1980s and was also offered a job at HM Land Registry (now privatised) but I got headhunted by another company first.
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As a new starter in the DfT, i've been told that for the first three months i need to be in 5 days a week, even though the rest of the team is hybrid working. Reason given is public pressure on civil servants to go into the office more. Personally i dont think the general public care. Do you?

No, I think you should be able to choose whether to work from home or the office if the type of work you do suits that.
The pressure to work more from the office in the Civil Service comes direct from Jacob Rees-Mogg who seems to have a lot to say about everything but not enough to do, other than to come up with gimmicky ideas.

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