Ask @CactusDoug:

do you usually dress up for halloween?

I mark Samhain, our end of year/new year celebrations on that day or a nearby weekend. One of the rituals is a procession (that one involves a fair bit of walking so I don’t participate) and people get dressed up in masks for that.
I have been to hallowe’en parties and dressed up in the past.

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what did you do after high school? what was the summer right after you graduated like. what was the year after you graduated like?

👉🏼 Straight after high school I started work.
👉🏼 In my day there was no “graduation” thing after high school, you just left unceremoniously, and popped back in one day early during the summer to pick up your O-Level and CSE exam results.
👉🏼 I can’t remember what that summer was like. The September of that year was a little stressful, as I was 16 and still living at home and my parents had gone away on holiday for the fortnight of my first two weeks of work. I remember it feeling really weird being alone in the house and getting up so early and cycling in to the city for my first ever job.

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Do you know any "conspiracy theorist" as some would label it (could be in real life or online or anything), who actually lowkey makes sense/doesn't sound like 100% pseudoscience?

WonderRand *:・゚☆
I know some Forteans. They are often interested in conspiracy theory among many other things, but where there may be some truth in a theory they usually research, reflect, and/or report on it rather than become fanatics.

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what do you think of lip syncing? is it cheating? If a singer you like goes "lip syncing" during a live instead of actually singing does that make you think differently of them?

WonderRand *:・゚☆
I’ve seen this happen with a veteran band in a large venue, and I didn’t mind to be honest. The people I was with were angry though!
I might be more cynical if it was a small-time local act however.

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