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What are you doing for Halloween and bonfire night?

🔥 Bonfire night I’m going out for a meal
💀 No plans yet for Samhain

At what age did you find your very first gray strand of hair?!? 😱🧓 (If you have, that is) Did you pull it out? Or leave it in, for added "character"? Lol 😜

Coolio247’s Profile PhotoJustine Coolioness
I don’t recall when I got my first strands of grey hair. I noticed first the white streak in my beard any time it grew, which appeared first, I think due to my vitiligo skin discolouration rather than it being regular grey hair.
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‏Hi everyone! 👋 Can anyone suggest beautiful and kind people to follow on here?

Hello! I don’t like tagging people for things like this as I always worry I’ll miss someone out or upset a follower or something.
Also I’ve seen replies to this that already contain many of the accounts I interact with 🙂

Are snakes dangerous?

🐍 Venomous snakes can kill you with poison bites or spit
🐍 Other snakes like pythons can wrap around you and crush you to death
🐍 Some snakes are harmless, but unless you know enough about what type of snakes you’ve run into, then it’s probably wise to give them all a wide berth

What's a super mainstream popular artist that you don't listen to? I don't listen to Taylor Swift and never did willingly. I don't care about her or her music at all in spite of fitting into her fans demographic (young white millennials from the suburbs) lmao

I don’t listen to much, if any, modern mainstream/chart music tbh. 🙂
Some examples of stuff I like are here: https://ask.fm/CactusDoug/answers/171149004272

As you're from the UK what is the most British thing you've heard/seen recently

🎙️ An old clip of Malcolm Muggeridge interviewing someone in the mid ‘60s

Do you like fireworks?

🎇 They can look nice. But I don’t like the sound of them, nor the vast amount of foggy smoke created by a big display.
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What app or site can you save your photos on in case you lose your photos on phone storage?

You used to be able to do that on Flickr if that’s still a thing

Cigarette and vape are not the same . Can we say in English ....I go to smoke meaning I go to vape or when we say vape we mean vape ?

I think you can say either? Saying “I’m going for a vape” is probably more explanatory though.

Is a 15 year old too young to be smoking cigarettes?

Well yes, but then I smoked at 15 and it’s sometimes quite hard to tell them.
Then and again the legal smoking age in the UK was 16 back then, but it’s now 18 so that might have made a difference.
But anyway, smoking tobacco is a serious health risk at any age, and it’s addictive, so best not start 👍

Do you dress up for Halloween?

I sometimes used to, way back when, but not in recent years (I’m the one on the left)
Do you dress up for Halloween


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