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When will the loadscripts or get objects come out so I can do things like this loadstring(game:GetObjects('rbxassetid://289110135')[1].Source)() ?

Soon enough I hope
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Im hearing these like rc7 tracks my ip or cookies? What is that about?

no no that's elysian... rc7 only get your pc hwid to identify your pc on further login
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For RC7 if we paid already do is there a DropBox for it to download right now or do we have to wait the time out?

there is a dropbox right now.. if you have me on skype and if you are whitelisted send me "FUCKING ALLAHU AKBAR" in the next 3min

What exactly does this right here mean? "with that hwid u can use rc7 on any account but only on one pc what im saying is that i can whitelist your other pc too but around next week I will unwhitelist it because im adding an account whitelist with the hwid whitelist"

he will upgrade the whitelist but your second hwid might get unwhitelisted later on...
but you can be whitelisted for those 2 pc yes

How exactly do we purchase the exploit through one person or will you have multiple people?

you contact him and he will take care of multiple at the same time or 1by 1

If I use my rc7 on my other computer without telling snake to whitelist it, will my login be locked? Also when should I let snake know I have 2 computers

you tell snake you have multiple computers on sale.. and no the account wont lock.. you just wont be able to log on

What do people pay with? Just paypal?

yeah and payivy something like that... and steam cards if he have enough sales

Is he online right now fixing some things and stuff. Just wondering cause i dont want it to be like the last time when he went afk randomly and never answered until 2 days later

he is online and he's doig the last things todo

Will I be able to use it on 2 computers under the same IP?

RC7 doesn't use ip but HWID.. so he'll whitelist your both pc


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