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Looks like I'm not the only one "sweetie"

nah I'll continue to keep to myself because I'm not trying to start drama, she keeps her opinions I keep mine

So then u did nd she has a right to b mad at u

cool now maybe "u" should mind your own business and leave me alone if she hates me she hates me like good for her

But her friends did it also then u tweeted that so, u did

okay cool I have the right to tweet what I want, everyone subtweets and doesn't get shit for it so I don't see the issue

On her ask she said she didn't hate u she just didn't like how you said that stuff on twitter about her friends

it was towards the general public not towards her friends so

Did u confront her ?

no because I don't give a shit. I know not every single person is gonna like me, that's life and some people should learn it

Ignore the haters, let them say what they want to. Your a beautiful soul and those idiotic bitches shouldn't get in your way. Happy birthday and make the most of it.

aw thank youuu


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