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Alright, I need advice... I like this guy, but I feel like his second choice. The girl he seems more interested in lives hours away and I only live around the corner. The overtly flirt on facebook statuses, he never talks to me like that. what do I do?

Why don't you just talk to him about it, I think he would completely understand the situation 😊

thoughts? x

meh she goes alright.. jks nah nice person to speak to and u and brodie are cute, excepted you taller
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fast forward 10 years. You hhave planned a baby but you found out it will have an abnormality. Would you abort the mission and make another baby? or keep the abnormal baby? honest answer

I would keep the baby there is not point of killing it, it is a human being like everyone else even thou it has a disability

Thoughts on Lochlan Schouten?

he is a nice guy and the is good to talk to in some situations but we hardly talk over the whole issue at work
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There's light at the end of the tunnel There's fight at the heart of a struggle You're smile should've told me you're trouble No more, no more, no more

Um okay then


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