Ask @Caitpool:

Do you have any love advice you would like to tell me

Not sure. I haven't experienced love enough to give advice on it. Don't seek what you want. Seek what you need.

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What are you gonna be for Halloween?

Sorry! Just opened this. I was a homeless skater, then Zoe Benson from season 3 of AHS, and then so vampire/clown thingy. The third was just because I was super bored.

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What's your favorite lyrics from a song?

"Don't you be afraid
Of giants in your way.
With God you know that anything's possible,
So step into the fight;
He's right there by your side.
The stones inside your head might be small,
But watch the giants fall."
-"Giants Fall", Francesca Battistelli

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If you could rename yourself what name would you pick?

My real full name : Gillian Caitlyn Pool
What I would change it to: Grace Chloe Pool
(just to stick with the GCP initial theme in my family)

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