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I'd like to know the answer to all three

Evil Steve
Well then...
My biological family:
I guess I win by default given that I am the only one left, at least to my knowledge, but I didn't know how to cook back then.
My mother or sister could have put me to shame with their eyes closed… but if you want my opinion, out of the two, my sister would have won because she always cooked how/what I liked.
My adoptive family:
…let just say that the best thing my teacher was able to cook when she first took me in, tasted like shoes with toothpaste and had the consistency of dirty rubber... well, at least it was better than what I had eaten before at that point in time.
That is why we usually frequented taverns and stuff... and that is also how I learned how to cook.
The herd:
You can take a guess of who is the better cook given the circumstances, how they usually cook and their usual resources, but it all depends of who is eating. I may prepare a dinner worthy of a (human) king but if it’s not appealing to their taste buds is the same as nothing.

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What about in survival situations?

It depends on the situation...
When you are by yourself, the sense of impending doom is usually enough to keep you in the zone. Although, in my case, is when I am the most careless because I am used to it a bit too much. That is why I always over-prepare and make a conscious effort to stay in the zone until I can relax. So you could say that what helps me is my sheer force of will.
If I am with someone else, I don't really need to make an effort to stay in the zone because there are way too many variables to take into account and many things can go wrong which more half of them are not under your control, so you have to stay on your toes all the time for all the sake of all the parties involved.
Those are the two main scenarios I can think of. If you want something more specific you will need to give me an example.

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What is your favorite clothing store?

Well, I don't particularly favor any as long as the product meets my expectations ... or I would lose a limb or die, frozen like a popsicle.
... as for the smallhorns, I get their stuff from "Grandma's shop" (that is how people call it, I don't remember if it has an actual name or if it's just her house).
The old lady there puts her heart into every piece she makes.

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How many hours do you sleep at night?

It really depends... I usually sleep until AssistantHorn comes to help / check on me (because I overslept) or the smallhorns come to visit early.
In survival situations I just sleep when I need to, AFTER I make sure I will wake up later. I usually keep my hands / mind constantly working on something, so I don't sleep very much until my body says no more, but when I relax, I usually oversleep.

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