Ask @Cakeist:

Ahh, I mean do you occasionally have to fight due to your relationship with the Herd?

I always fight for a good discount on supplies!
...but I've been doing that even before I knew about the herd though.
Beyond that, not really. As long as you fulfill your part of the deal, they don't care about anything else. The people I know at least.
In the worst of cases, they look at me in confusion after I say where I live. Usually followed by a "...but why? Wait, nevermind..."

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If you had a boat, what would you name it?

SS Trailblazer, SS Survivor or SS Glazed.
If you want to mix the names you could go with SS Glazed Trailblazer or SS Glazed Survivor.
... though, I doubt a boat would be useful here. MAYBE an icebreaker ship, but even so...
I would prefer a spaceship, or a heavy ground vehicle to withstand any storm that comes my way (or worse stuff), and fill it with cargo to my heart's content.

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How do you relax at the end of the day?

Have a cup of tea or milk and maybe a quick snack, while I watch the smallhorns play around or just hear them in the background as I read something.
Sometimes I even laze around in my hammock with them when they get tired and enjoy those calm and silent moments.
...also, now that assistanthorn is here, I may make a reclining chair or a rocking chair for her, or just get one on my next supply trip.

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What have you learned today?

Bandanahorns like to decorate the cakes because they can sneak a bite or two when "nobody is watching".
Hoodiehorn likes to be fed. Likes to nap a lot ( only if is inside my drawer) and likes to stay clean. She will cry if her hoodie or her "safety blanket" gets dirty. Some days her hoodie and her blanket swap roles.

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