Ask @Cakeist:

What was the longest conversation you have had with someone recently? What was it about?

More than a conversation, it was a one sided rant about the favorite snacks of a young hornmother that came by for the first time.
She started talking after lunch, and "finished" when she decided to go to sleep... and came back the next morning to continue.
It finally ended right after lunch, when I coincidentally shared with her the last snack she was talking about.
Then she got satisfied and went away.

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Ahh, I mean do you occasionally have to fight due to your relationship with the Herd?

I always fight for a good discount on supplies!
...but I've been doing that even before I knew about the herd though.
Beyond that, not really. As long as you fulfill your part of the deal, they don't care about anything else. The people I know at least.
In the worst of cases, they look at me in confusion after I say where I live. Usually followed by a "...but why? Wait, nevermind..."

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What about in survival situations?

It depends on the situation...
When you are by yourself, the sense of impending doom is usually enough to keep you in the zone. Although, in my case, is when I am the most careless because I am used to it a bit too much. That is why I always over-prepare and make a conscious effort to stay in the zone until I can relax. So you could say that what helps me is my sheer force of will.
If I am with someone else, I don't really need to make an effort to stay in the zone because there are way too many variables to take into account and many things can go wrong which more half of them are not under your control, so you have to stay on your toes all the time for all the sake of all the parties involved.
Those are the two main scenarios I can think of. If you want something more specific you will need to give me an example.

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+1 answer in: “What helps you to concentrate?”

Everyone has Christmas time traditions, do you guys have Halloween traditions though?

I don't really have any. I just do whatever comes to mind if I feel like it... I wonder if the himehorns would like to make Christmas / Halloween a thing around here.
The haremhorns and I could make costumes and stuff for the smallhorns.
... and now that I think about it, I think I have spent more than two years here... I lost count, to be honest.

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What gossip about yourself has made you laugh?

I think I answered this one already ... but oh, well.
"The cakeist smells like cake, so it must be made out of cake." That is what a few young hornmothers were talking about until Leader cleared up the misunderstanding... but they still kept coming to the cakery to “spy” on me from behind the door for a while.

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Who are the people you spend the most time with?

Smallhorns always get inside the cakery one way or another... The most frequent intruders/visitors in this category are three smallhorns that love to sneak around and play together. I started calling them bandanahorns after I gave them bandanas as a gift.
One of the most recent additions is hoodiehorn. Who loves to be pampered, to be fed, cleanliness and... my hoodies, to an odd degree. A kind old lady from the city agreed to make one of her size when I told her about the issue. I got her the fabric, and the rest is history.
From the haremhorns, one of the youngest of them started coming to help me. To this day I have no idea why she came or why keeps coming everyday, but her help is appreciated. She is like my assistant, so I call her AssistantHorn.
She might be tiny, but she learns fast (and she hits hard with the wooden spoon). She makes sure the rules of the "cakery" are always followed, and helps me take care of the smallhorns... and also makes sure I take care of myself.
From the hornmothers, Leader ( @himehorn ) is the one that comes the most. She comes to chat and eat some snacks to relieve stress when she has some free time from her herdwork... and also to taste any new culinary creation I make (I also let her take a nap on my hammock when she is hiding from the haremhorns).
... I think I am not forgetting anything... I hope.

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Who cuts your hair?

It depends... my hair grows fast, so if I am in middle of a long trip, I just cut it with a knife really fast and move on.
If I am in the caves or camping for a long period of time, I just do it myself. I have scissors and mirrors, but if I am feeling lazy, I just grab the nearest knife and be done with it.
If I am in the city, I go to the nearest barber shop... except those few times in which my friend saw me before I had the opportunity and insisted to do it herself.
She takes care of her own hair, or so she says at least. For a drunkard, she very fussy about appearances... well, she is very fussy in general.
She has very long hair, usually tied into a ponytail (I suspect that is so it doesn't get in the way when she has a hangover). I swear that she could tie people up with it if she wanted.
Since I am taller than her she makes me fetch one of the boxes in her basement, so she can step on it. Then she gets the step ladder and takes the booze out of the box I got for her… I have no idea how many times I have fallen on that trick.
What I don’t like is that she takes a long time if I don’t talk to her… she loves to touch my hair for some reason, way too much for comfort. So, if I don't speak to her she zones out and just plays with it. She gets mad at me when I make her snap out of it. “Shush, I am making art here!” She says.

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What's the best thing that happened to you today?

A very young haremhorn made me go to sleep...
It was very early in the morning. I had just finished eating my pizza when I heard the door open. I didn't see anything from where I was sitting, so I ignored it.
Seconds later I had a very small haremhorn tugging on my pants, trying to get my attention.
She tried to scold me and send me to sleep.
It was adorable, so I allowed it... also didn't want to hurt her confidence.
It has been a few hours since I woke up, but she is still here. She is sitting on my chair looking at me while swinging her legs as if bored, waiting for something... I wonder if she thinks that she is in charge of me or something.

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