In light of the topics in SBXIV:62, a hypothetical Q: If a larger gaming website network came to you and the crew, and offered to take in Zantetsuken and associated projects under their banner, but said you needed to change a thing or two, would you consider it?

Nope. The thing is, we do this for fun. Certain people do this as a way to break into the industry, some are like us, and some are wanting to be famous. That is why I am not at all bothered we aren't well known or people call us unprofessional. That is OK with me. A lot of us are already professionals on our respective fields and aren't looking to do a career change.
But if someone wanted us under a banner, and they said... "Calaera has to go..." Because well, I am a loose canon? Then they may as well make their own stuff, right? Its the same if they ask for someone else to leave. I would be adamant about it and wouldn't want that at all.

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Do you like short or long hair on someone of the opposite sex?

Depends on what it looks like on the person. Bald guys can also be very hot.

What can people learn from animals?

What can we not learn? Isn't that why people have come up with insane products and sexual positions named after animals?

Can there be friendship between a man and a woman?

Seeing as a large chunk of my friends are male? ... Yeah.

Do you remember your first friend?

Yep. She was someone I bit on the hand because she was becoming too friendly with another friend and I felt left out. <_<;

Where is the worst place you could get stuck?

Wooded area with no reception, no lights, and maybe just some old house there. My friend lived in such a place that I would freak the fuck out when we had to visit him :x

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