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What's the biggest lie your parents told you growing up?

When I was really young, I lied about something really stupid that I did. I had to be hospitalized days later because of my stupidity and they blamed it on a snake. I had a great deal of fun seeing the doctors and nurses look all sad because they thought I was bitten by a snake, and then getting special treatment because I was hospitalized. I still have the scar, too!

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What part of ARR are you looking forward to the most? (Content wise)

Hrm. I am looking forward to seeing what happened during the five year time jump. During the beta I glossed over all the cut scenes and such so I could be surprised during phase 4/release.
I am also looking forward to the end game content. I need to find a LS/FC though to get half of the stuff I want get done. Which will be damned hard since I'll be working my ass off at school and work. :x

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