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What do men talk about when there are no women around?

Seeing as I'm a woman, I have no fucking idea. Tits? Ass? Farts? Someone tell me!

What is the thing you hate the most?

I hate the smell of fish. I can't walk through parts of Pike Place Market without gagging and wanting to vomit from the smell of it.

How many teeth do you have?

I have rows of them. Like a shark. I just hide them before I come after you to bite your head off.

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If you were to win $10 million, what would you do with all that money?

Invest it, pay off all my debt, and have Orophen move closer to where I'm at. Also go to school full time.

If you were told you could go help colonize another planet today, would you go?

Tempting because I would want to rule over people with an iron fist. But then I would be without Internet and that just seems crazy to me. So, no.

Would you ever consider changing your hair color?

IRL? Sometimes. In game? I considered it. Like a blonde to pretend I'm Reio's child or white just cause. Mostly blonde so I can scream "otousaaaaaaan!" while chasing Reio.

What's the biggest lie your parents told you growing up?

When I was really young, I lied about something really stupid that I did. I had to be hospitalized days later because of my stupidity and they blamed it on a snake. I had a great deal of fun seeing the doctors and nurses look all sad because they thought I was bitten by a snake, and then getting special treatment because I was hospitalized. I still have the scar, too!

Why did you choose a Lalafell?

I think they are super cute. And they look like they can get away with mischief!

PC or Mac?

I have never used a Mac but I'm not against them. Just never had a chance to use one!

What do you like adding to your Okonomiyaki? :DD

I started to use mushrooms and chicken and it is AWESOME

Favorite Comfort Food?

At the moment it would have to be a Canadian Greek yogurt brand with fruit.

How often do you use your brain?

I don't have a brain. It was lost in the Battle of Carteneau.

What kind of things are you interested in?

Video games, literature, and a smattering of other things to different degrees.

What are the things you always take with you?

Mm.. I always take with me my wallet and phone. I try to keep feminine things there (Chapstick, lipstick, etc), inhaler, a snack (usually Trader Joes trail mix), tissues, cough drops, hand sanitizer, pen, and sometimes my 3ds or kindle.

So for someone who seems fascinated with boobs, why are you playing the only race without them? o.o

Because lalafell are cute! I do have a Miqo'te with maxed out boobs tho.

I got the free 30 dats playtime running, but i also got a 60 day prepaid card. If i redemeed my 60 day card, will i be getting 90 days playtime or will it end my free trial?

You will get 90 days.

What part of ARR are you looking forward to the most? (Content wise)

Hrm. I am looking forward to seeing what happened during the five year time jump. During the beta I glossed over all the cut scenes and such so I could be surprised during phase 4/release.
I am also looking forward to the end game content. I need to find a LS/FC though to get half of the stuff I want get done. Which will be damned hard since I'll be working my ass off at school and work. :x

So i won't need to be a Legacy player to play on Excalibur?

No, you don't need to be a Legacy player to play on a Legacy server. :)


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