Ask @Cali0143:

hii, how are u feeling today? i’m here to let u know i’m following u right now. can u follow me back? i hope everything’s alright with u and ur loved ones. stay safe 💘

Hey, tbh I’m not feelin too good thnx for askin tho!.. I just followed u back dw.. we’re good thnx and same with u. Stay safe 💜

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I love you bestie and I'm proud to have you as my bestie

I luv u too bestie and I’m also proud to have ya as my bestie, but might I say I’m a bit disappointed in u rn I mean it’s as if to say ya just straight up Ignored the fact I was upset and a lil offended cuz no offense ya almost made it seem like I don’t get busy in rl as well when really I do get busy prolly as busy as Mira, but I get busy too and yknow what I really seriously might consider another hiatus from here one day possibly soonish who knows

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'Cause she gets busy in RL and she takes breaks

Ah ok I see uh that’s cool I mean at least I know she’s ok and that nothing bad’s happened to her.. tho hmm what was that supposed to mean cuz if I didn’t know any better I’d say it’s to assume ya don’t think I get busy in rl as well or like I dint take breaks 😳🥺😕👀 I take breaks from here I mean I went on a hiatus at least twice or so already and who knows I might just end up goin on another one one day

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