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Single Sweetheart?

No, and No,
1st no I am not single
2nd no I am not a sweetheart
So don't call me that EVER again.

Rock climbing or windsurfing?

Rock Climbing but not actually rocks no that'd be to scary. Maaybe the little kid walls yaa that sounds better!

Best friends

Lol Ive answered this before(no order)
Gavin, Braydon, Kiersten, Morgan:#, Madds, Faye, Corbin, Joe and Nick
Georgia, Lina, Sam, Anabelle, Bella, Mac, and Sam W.
Ciana, Lizzie, Bryson and Ryan
People I wish were my Bestfriend-
Channing Tatum and Spongebob

Joe Purdie

He's a great guy. Really funny, He can sometimes. But we are really good friends. Mary and him are pretty great!!

Do you spend too much time on smart phone playing ‘stupid games’?

Don't have a smart phone. So no I do not. I willing to take one off your hands? Lol


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