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What is the most important thing to know?

Your worth

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Do you like high heels?


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Fuck out my ask box tf.

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Xbox or PlayStation?

These nuts. Foh.

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How many games do you have on your phone?


Angry gran
Flappy bird

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If you could learn a new skill today, what would it be?

Ummmm, being more understanding or less cold hearted.

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What was the last picture you made?

Would you leave your home country for the one you love?

What if I love the country I'm in?

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Michael ager

Never speaking when u see me at school.

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What are your plans for tonight?

Chillin wit my mommz. Happy Birthday bby.

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Do you have a Christmas tree? Post a picture.

Not at home right now. But I do

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Would u suck Santa Claus dick for anything in the world all year long

What kind of question is this? Lml no, I don't do that. And i'm not a gold digger.

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Which gives you the most pleasure - giving presents or receiving them?


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Where do you think Santa Claus is from?

2324 Merry Joy Lne
TipTop, North Pole
I know EVERYTHING about Santa Claus.

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What's something you're not very good at but enjoy doing anyway?

Ummm living?

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Rate : 8.5


Thanks bro

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What gift would you like to receive on the upcoming holidays?

Ummmm, all the gifts?......maybe?

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Troy was telling all ya business in health yesterday. I hope you feel better.

So I hear. Even when I'm gone my name still in y'all mouth.

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Who in your life do you wish you’d met sooner?


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Why won't you at school today??

Im sick.

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Would you date yourself if you were someone else?

Tbh:: depends on how my game is if im someone else.

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Whats a period like??

This question lol. Well for me I get really mean and cranky, I get cramps, I wanna eat everything, I get the chills, and I don't want to be bothered.

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If you had to live the rest of your life in a movie which one would you pick?

The secret life of bees

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Are you addicted to shopping?


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Would you marry a robot?


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