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I remember ages ago when we used to talk,now we barely even say a word to each other,there might just be the odd inbox every few weeks or even months now. Talking to you actually would give me butterflies and at one point you were the thing that got me through everything. Even now, I still miss you.

omg wow who is this?!

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You are really good looking

Caitlyn Beasley

I know you are;)

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go for it

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i like your duck

suck it

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What are the things you always take with you?

me pot noodle

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how tall are you? c:

Angel Pie


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does height matter?


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currently yes
by tomorrow night no

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What's the last thing you bought?

camel balls

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Like cor looks?

like for looks x

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Bby I have a real Thai Gap.


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lol you sort of know me aha and people have my number ... Guess you'll never see ;)

oh ok

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How could I show you?

well whats your number or do you have fb?

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Aha how?

how what?

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I have a thigh gap but the box gap bum ...

best of both worlds
I like it
dont believe you tho so show me; )

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The one on the right is a thigh gap as well..

its a box gap

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You're gorgeous x


tytytytyty as are you x

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are you actually gay I've heard rumors from people at harton

and its probably because people at harton want to stab me

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They're not actually your feet, they're horses hoofs;)


someone...needs to change their name to sherlock;)

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i'll send you a gift if you actually upload a picture of your feet

send gifts for glorious pictures of my sweaty feet

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upload a picture of your feet, please?

no hate please

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SINGLE and STRAIGHT | I skateboard and play guitar | 50 likes for fansign | 100 likes for gift | And for all the bastards who keep asking no I do not have kik