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its for Staley Soccer team and its at Staley in the great hall and a bunch of peeps trying out will be there!

can I be the manager? : )))))))))))

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I dont I feel like you would do well at soccer and just seem like the soccer kind of girl! Tryouts are next Mon and on Sun 4-7pm we are having a party with the soccer fan anyone is welcome who will be trying out

where is it at and who will all be there, I might just come and chill or I cold become manager or something.. And what team is it for??

tbh you should try out for soccer!

the though has actually occurred to me.. I love soccor but I don't have the effort to put into it.. but why do you say that?

idk the name of your neighborhood, but right now i live in the townhouses across the street! lol we ride the same bus

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oh yeah haha sweet! but sadly I am moving again and will be put of this house by the end of this month

tbh I'm moving into your neighborhood in August once they finish building my house. And your seem really nice, sweet, and pretty, we have never really talked tho xD

awh ❤ and what neighborhood? also, talk to me!! I never judge and I'm pretty open about life : )

Crush ?

like he even knows... he is like my beat friend and I told him about when me and my girlfriend broke up and the next day he picked me up to hang out. so it's prolly not gonna happen


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