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August fest today?

Thoughts on Frank Adamivski?


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They're on your team

not anymoreeee

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how tall are u

almost 6 ft

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Pic of carp and pivo

lol how do you know them

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no not trust issues wise like general insecurities & social anxiety

if i couldnt hangout with them that kinda would be a problem

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would you date someone with anxiety


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lmao it's funny seeing people get mad idk

youre a strange type

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do u masturbate? nbd

whos asks this lmao

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Rotary today?


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Tbh you're really cool but we don't talk that much we should talk more

alexa fontanetta

yea thanks

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Post a picture of your current lock screen.

tbh we talk sometimes and you're really nice hmu anytime


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how old are you?

How are you?


good lol

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HEY CAL truth is ily and we better chill this summer

oh forsureee

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truth is you're so funny and chill we need to catch up!



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tbh you're really cute & fun to talk to (: date😘



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I want to know if it's me, duh.

so text me

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why do you care

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Well, do you


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