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Best memory: when me and Brianna used to FaceTime you all the time...Tonys party when we were throwing dirt at each other

Yeah idk wtf happened to Brianna and good times xD

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Bio on malia

One of the only cool girls from Marywood, and a crazy, funny person who takes terrible snapchat selfies ✌️

Tbh you love me bc I showed you how to type in bold haha you're kinda required to love me forever so we should hang out again lol

msannaelise’s Profile PhotoAnna Flowers
Sounds good haha thanks

Tbh your my main homie and ily because we can have the weirdest conversations and you know me really well :) WE NEED TO HANG OUT SOON!!!! Rate dime

Saige Collins
Yeah haha we definitely need to hang out ASAP and thanks :D
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why do you keep deactivating then reactivating? nice pic btw

Because I'm like this app is stupid and then I get bored and then I realize I only have 21 followers and delete it again and I'm bored once more :,( and thank you very much

What sports do you play?

Uhh mainly soccer and sailing but during the summer windsurfing, wake surfing, skiing, and wake boarding

\/ \/ \/ i think that person thinks ur cameron dallas

Awkward :o lol some people tag my Instagram on his photos


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