Ask @CamiDelucia:

Roleplay you’re excited for?

/ Well tomorrow I’m back to being online properly and my muse for Cami is sky high so I’m excited to roleplay with all the people that wanted a starter and who I promised I’d post. @quinnbraxley @theicequeenroyal @gabrid_18 @prestonlockheart @MissLolaSanchez_ @royal_dick_head and I also think I owe a reply to @princesselsagrimaldi and @BlakeSutherland_ which I’m also excited for. I’m basically excited for all the roleplays going on. xD

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What kind of king/queen would your character make?

/ Camila, although she would want to, wouldn’t exactly make a good queen. She leads from her heart rather than her head and I think she would put too much of herself into certain situations to the point where it could put her country at risk to some extent. If she thinks something is wrong or immoral, she won’t do it and I think to be a successful ruler, you would have to be stronger when it comes to those situations and shut off your emotions to certain things and people. Whereas Camila would feel for everyone and everything that was happening. I think she’d be popular with the people of Italy for her generosity and kind nature but they’d probably think she’s too weak to rule to make important choices and I’d have to agree. I think even Camila knows she wouldn’t be the best candidate.

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Random starts based off prompts I find online.

Camila DeLucia
/ Okay, so I 100% stole this idea from Mateo’s admin so credit for them for this idea. Anyway, Cami’s been a little slow this past week because of things ooc but after this weekend I’m free and will be so excited to continue roleplaying with you people. If anyone wants to roleplay with a random starter, like this and I’ll post you ASAP.

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How experienced is your character? Sexually and romantically?

/ Cami is as innocent as they come, she’s never really done anything with anyone. She struggled throughout school so had dad put a lot of pressure on Camila to get her grades up so she wouldn’t have had time to bother about boys and she definitely wouldn’t have thought about bringing them home and since getting to royals, Cami hasn’t really met anyone who has much of an interest in her.

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