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What do you think about Wickd? The old SK days you guys were pretty pissed off and hated each other.

Na were cool now

You will be a guest on First Blood today? Will you tell Richard that you have the Information that this article is false?

I said "as far as I know", Its just what I heard

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would you go to Dignitas?

if theyre in EU and depends whos on the team and depends if Im the right one for the org, if all of that is true then sure :D

Do you think Tabzz is better than Rekkles or the other way around?

Both great, Rekkles probably has more drive, doesnt make him the better player tho.

Rekkles has been spamming duoq with Nyph these days and now that Froggen is back from his vacation. They are duoqing. Does that mean anything at all?

Dont think so, fnatic wont release Rekkles afaik

Actualy stuck D1 and adc main. Any tips to reach chall ?

Play Corki+Lucian and abuse powerspike with corki when you have sheen+6

Are there any chances for you to become Team Dignitas' new ADC ?

Unless DIG is coming to EU I doubt Ill go to NA

Why were svenskeren and incarnation banned? i dont find anytjing on the internet about incarnation's bann.

Google Nicolaj jensen ban, you should find it then.

The Problem is that i feel i wont get good enough in time. people who are plat this season will get dia maybe. so i dont think i have much of a chance getting better fastly. I would love if you answer me. (first message i also asked you about how to improve). Hoffe ich sehe dich im LCS wieder :) VG

Its really hard to tell someone how to get better but generally try to keep a learning mentality. When you die for example ask why you died and if you couldve prevented it somehow. Or look at your lasthits and see if theyre reasonable for the situation youre in and learn your matchups correctly. GL

What's top 3 adc in EU right now in your eyes? Obviously you can place yourself there - personally I would place you there :)

Its the offseason so no one really knows and I dont really care at this point, everyone on vacation and not trying too hard.

Hey Panda, should I rush only one AS+Crit (Shiv, PD) on Caitlyn?

Rush damage on Cait BF, Pickaxe, then finish IE and go for shiv into LW->BT

Hey Candy, You talked about the perfrcperfect staff for a Team. When I was visiting LCS with my ggirlfriend ive saw a guy with sk Polo ans some Kind of pass who was analyzing the game and the pick/Bann. Was that your anaylst or incarnation?

Our analyst was Incarnation, but I think the guy who you saw was our sport spychologist

Thoughts on graves in solo q?

Average IMO, hes really good if he goes ahead but if the game is stalled out or kinda equal hes pretty weak

Everyone sais that the best way to reach higher elos is maining one or two champions. What role and what champion should be the best in your opinion. I thought of someone like katarina maybe?

For mid Jayce is really strong right now, Katarina is good too if picked into good matchups!

Why did you change your summoner name to ZVerda instead of just CandyPanda or PandyCandy? Btw congratz on getting back to challenger with only few games! I am proud of you!

Vzerda(Vulpes zerda) means Fennec in latin and I just wanted a mixup for the offseason. And thank you!

Who would be in the best bot lane EU? As is support + adc? Who is your favourite support to play with, in soloque and competitively?

Dont think theres a better combo then Rekkles and yellowstar available right now.


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