Ask @Candy_Pop_the_Jester:

Well before he died what were your thoughts on him? Both pop & nights.

((((( The typical hero, ready to save everyone's DAY, oh and he was a GENYR.....or well....PARTLY GENYR but he was still a Genyr regardless. It is ironic, after I destroyed him, I came across his....Genyr civilization. ~chuckles~ and well you can guess what happens next, right? )))))
You...bast**** *frowns*
(((( ~laughs~ ))))))

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Hey nights, do any of your chosen work for you willingly?

(((((( Yes and I won't tell you who they are. ~grins~ I like for pitiful souls like you to take a good guess )))))

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Maybe you should start being more nice to your son thoth he is the only one who wants to be by your side! And you treating like something at the bottom of your shoe!

Puppetia and poof
(((((( Why would I be nice to a Genyr? Are you not hearing yourself? THOSE who inherit traits or powers of the pathetic fool I share a soul with, will not be a chosen or praised. They are a mistake I never expected to create. BUT THAT'S FINE, THERE IS ALWAYS MORE ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENTS ~laughs~))))))

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:0) note from admin

[:0) If I or any one of the admins get mean anon messages just to let you all know I have a app that knows who sent what even if you in anon mode. :0) Flea has spoken I will be installing a anti anon thing on all the blogs we run so I can find our who is sending this drama and who is sending and harassing not only the fans but the people running this blog and the other blogs. :0) Have a nice day]

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