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Night Terrors
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holy hell give me the full pic of your icon please

Here are my last questions. What can alise do? And also Barbra?

Barbara practices Black magic, she can do all sorts of healings. She can curse people too. Cast bad luck upon their lives. She can do other stuff like Thoth but....She is more spiritual concentrated than Thoth, who specializes in death mostly. .

She can't summon the dead like Thoth but She can open gates to other hellish dimensions with ease through the use of her black magic.

As for Alise........*twitches* She has multiple abilities inside her nephilim divine power. She can make a sword and a shield form out from her power, she is also able to shapeshift and do replicas of herself. She can also make angel wings come out from her back. She can use them to protect herself. Her wings are silver while Damian's are golden.

Damian share almost same abilities as Alise, only Damian can turn things into sand at the touch, not to mention the holy dagger he keeps in his possession...adds more to his powers.

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Nathan: Oh? then where the hell have you been? -___-

Here and there ; )

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And Audric uses spells?

Well I suppose he practices black magic like barbara and Thoth

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Ah. And I'm guess glutton & ditzy don't exactly have abilities sense their so young?

*remains silent* I wonder where they went : (

April hid my own children from me

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Grande: =______=.......... You still WANT my soul?

Of course.................................................................NOT

we are friends! I'm your the daily demon who whispers funny things into your ears. I advice you to kill more innocents. : )

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So when are you going to kick the bucket?

*kicks a bucket* There i kicked your bucket.

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And what can samara do? Like with shadows

She can create hands, basically shape shift them, into what ever object or thing she wants. She can also drag you to the abyss. She is the only one who can exclusively do this.

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........ -looks away slowly-

Audric + Greta

*Walks towards him and leans in* *touches his face* Look how beautiful you turned out to be. So perfect and well rounded.

So strong..............just like me. *rubs his shoulders* You know...I care a lot about your brothers/ well as yourself. I only want the BEST! HEHEHE....for all of you

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Grande: I am.... *jerks a bit* HAHAHAHAH!!! I'M JUST FINNEEEE~

And tasty too ; )

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Nathan: >__> ..... how are you pop?

*leans back* *smiles* Good as ever.

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Jace tilts his head, calming down. He steps out, "....?"

Jace[kid] and Phoenix

Come on, come closer...

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Terrors. Hey Terrors....


Hi there tricks : )

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Oh shit that's cool... and Nisha has vampire like abilities right? Like drinking blood

Yes, everything a vampire does. Including running very fast. Blood gives her strength

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Grande: *scratches his neck* ... >_>

How are you?

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Nathan: ..... OOoi U.U

Best friend! : )

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Why does Audric have your... cthuhlu?

He...inherited I guess?

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Successor? I thought you said you were going to live to and beyond the age of time.

Things have changed.

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Jace hides a bit, staring at him.

Shhhhh, now now don't be scared. Daddy loves you <3
Want a balloon?

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Greta: QnQ... *blue strand of hair moves in her face* ...... *covers my number* *glares*

Audric + Greta


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Ah. What can bran & Alexander do?

Bran has a connection to the dead, as well as crows and as for Alexander..........

He is a fear manipulator. He can control your emotions and possibly turn you insane in the process.

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Grande: Hello Pop.. my friend >_>

Hello papa, my friend! : )

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Oh that's cool. So he gets the abilities of others he eats?

Yes but he is still a newborn to the abilities, i am training him

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How many kids you got? O.e


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