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>~> *touches squid *

:0) note from admin

[:0) If I or any one of the admins get mean anon messages just to let you all know I have a app that knows who sent what even if you in anon mode. :0) Flea has spoken I will be installing a anti anon thing on all the blogs we run so I can find our who is sending this drama and who is sending and harassing not only the fans but the people running this blog and the other blogs. :0) Have a nice day]

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NUUU QAQ how rude

*Being exorcised by professionals*

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Can you possibly get hotter?

Sexy jester man ((these pictures are making me laugh so much))


Wow is that you without make up?

Hae any pictures of Rose Pop?


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(Also how did you come up with a demon/jester combo? Genius? Luck? Fate?)

Bendy The Dancing Demon

Grande stares more, "..... the flea is back? >~>"

Grane stares, "Foreskin?"

(Also Candy Pop reminds me of Cicero from Skyrim XDD LET'S KILL SOMEONE)

Bendy The Dancing Demon

(I'm surrounded by people with wonderful drawing skills and I can't draw for the life of me XDD Hello Darkness My Old Friend)

Bendy The Dancing Demon
(:0^ YW)
~admin flea

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To nights: Who's soul do you want the most?

Who deleted the foreskin, I demand to know.. petty anon is petty u_u


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About Night Terrors:

This account is not as active but it will be at random times. Just be nice and try to have fun. One more thing, when ever you see the bracket symbols ((((It is Night Terrors who is speaking))))). When Brackets aren't used it is Candy Pop.

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