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Speak up your heart ♥️

kanwal_akhtar_’s Profile PhotoDr. kanwal
One of those rare moments when you're having a conversation with super cute Lady and you just casually ask her " So where are you from" and she replies with "Earth"😐😐
So you took a 5 minute pause and start contemplating your life and calculating if she's pretty enough to be ignored for this disastrous blunder and carry the conversation forward or should you cut off all the contacts, effective immediately.

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Dil baun udass ay..😔

raafayhussainsheikh’s Profile PhotoRaafay Hussain
Yaar PTCL is the ultimate Janice from call their helpline being already annoyed af and they'd start fucking with you even more by greeting you "Assalam o Alaikum" in every fuckin language like a fucking Sloth (cuz diversity ofcourse 😴) and you'd have to go through so many options to finally get to that fuck all customer care representative who'd just take eternity to check your credential and when you're finally down to telling him/her what the problem is.....your 100 rupees are already consumed. SMH

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