What made you guys decide to make PZ more a plodding survival than a PVP action like so many other zombie games in the last few years?

OMG a question! This is exciting!
Well, the thing with PZ was back when we started (it was originally just me and Lemmy), the likes of DayZ mod were yet to release. So we didn't start making Zomboid in a climate of a bunch of zombie survival games with a heavy focus on PvP.
So it's not like we had the foresight to think there'd be a bunch of games along these lines and cleverly decided to do something different, we just designed the game the way we wanted to, and by luck, most of the subsequent zombie games were PvP focussed or more action-oriented.
Lemmy is a long-time XCOM fan - he's really into his strategy games. I love sandbox games and I've sunk a bazillion hours into various releases of The Sims. Slam those two genres together in a post zombie apocalypse setting and you get Project Zomboid. We never regarded the idea as particularly innovative or unique or requiring some clever design skills on our part. It was simply a game we wanted to make and, at that time, we didn't see it being done - not with more traditional early Romero style zombies, at least.

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