Do you feel we're learning lessons from the number of early access foibles of the past couple years? Do you think crowdfunding and early access will continue to be a viable resource for game development?

Oof. :D
Honestly, I don't know. In general, alpha-funding / Kickstarter / etc. are fabulous mechanisms to get games off the ground which may otherwise not exist. I exclude Early Access from that specifically because Valve do not suggest using it as the primary way of generating funding for game dev. But the trouble is, for every game which uses these models well, there will always be a bunch which don't.
It's difficult to look at all the games which come through these models as a whole and talk about whether we (as a group) are learning anything in a global sense. We're all individual developers, and what we learn is down to us individually. Ten developers using the models perfectly does not mean the eleventh won't bollocks everything up.
What I hope, is that failures will not damage the model. It's the best model for getting something ambitious off the ground that has ever been developed and we need to protect it. But we can only do that by individually doing our best to see right by the people who back us - we can't do anything about everyone else.
And regardless of what *I* think, the only opinions that matter are those of the gamers who choose to back or not back games using these models. Regardless of how well we developers use the models, if gamers become disillusioned with the funding model, the funding model will die irrespective of how good developers feel it is to build games.
The only thing I hope is that we will be seen as having a positive contribution to alpha-funding, ultimately. But that's not for me to decide.

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