Being totally cheeky here, but we're a group of final years at Bradford Uni (saw your talk a few years back) and for our final year we're allowed to find someone in the industry to make us a design brief for a game/demo to work on in the final 3 months, would there be any interest from yourself?

Firstly, if you're referring to my talk at the Bradford Animation Festival then I'm tremendously sorry - it was my first time doing a talk by myself and before mine I had seen Brian Horton and Warren Spector deliver flawlessly brilliant talks, so I was nervous as Hell and made a right pig's ear of it :D
I had slides which I totally failed to use, and notes which I totally failed to follow :D
Anyway. Your second point: Depending on the time required (the extent of the pitch, etc) and if I could think of something sufficiently interesting and practical for a 3 month project, I'd be happy to. But that said, I'm not exactly what you'd call a notable industry figure ;)

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