I have been working this last 7 months as a Level Designer and Project Manager, but i do not have any studies related to them (left the job). Would you think i still have a chance to join a studio?

It rather depends on the studio and from my perspective I can only speak for the place where I worked. At that studio, myself and the Art Manager were the guys who did the art-related interviews and I can tell you that we didn't give a hoot about prior experience. Whether we got someone in for the interview depended *entirely* on the quality of the showreel - if the person had history at an impressive studio, that was a point of interest but irrelevant, ultimately.
If you got an interview, it meant we felt you were good enough - the interview itself was to see if you were the sort of person who'd fit into the team well, so it was a very informal process.
This studio was a (comparatively) small independent studio - at its peak, maybe 50 people or so. If I were to make an assumption, it would be that the smaller companies would tend to be more like this - a more informal approach to interviews. Larger studios may be more typical in their employment style, looking for certain specific things (qualifications, experience etc) to get you from the main pile of CVs to the pile of CVs to personally look through. But this is an assumption on my part.
So I would say that it's certainly possible that a lack of qualification *could* be a hindrance at some studios that's far from a rule of thumb and, in general, quality of showreel and experience counts for way way WAY more :)

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