What is the exact role of a mapper/level designer? are differences between those or are they the same?

Job Titles can be rather arbirtary and somewhat depend on the studio you're working in. All this terminology is a little inconsistent really. To some, "skinning" is the process of setting up the model to animate according to its bones - to others, that's "rigging" and the former is painting its texture.
So the answer is, it depends. They could be the same, they could be different. It depends entirely on where you work. Which leads me into the, "what is the exact role" part.
This also depends (boy is this answer unhelpful). It could be anything from adding the health pickups to the level all the way up to actually designing the thing on paper to hand to some other people to actually make depending on whether the position is junior or senior.
If I were to hedge a guess though, it would be that on average a "mapper" is probably a more junior position than a "level designer".

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