How do you identify whether or not you are an "idea guy"?

In the context of being an "ideas guy" in videogame development?
There is no "ideas guy" role. There are designers, and they often have ideas - so do artists and programmers and testers and everyone else. Having good ideas is one of the things which makes you a good artist, a good designer or whatever.
Because it's no good simply having ideas. What good is an idea if it's not backed up by some other skillset? The idea could turn out to be utterly impractical or ludicrously expensive, or wildly ambitious to the point of insanity. In order to filter the ideas you have such that you only blurt out the good ones, you need to be something else other than just "someone who has ideas" because literally *everyone* in games development has ideas.
So I don't really understand the question, really.

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